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Truly Great Coffee

At Cereal Lovers, we are fueled by our unyielding passion for high-altitude specialty beans. We believe that these beans, grown at elevated regions with optimal climate conditions, possess unique characteristics that contribute to an unparalleled coffee experience. It is our mission to bring this exceptional experience to your clients, ensuring that they indulge in the finest quality coffees available.

To achieve this, we have partnered with Lëtz Coffee, a sustainable and responsible coffee roaster right here in Luxembourg. Together, we are committed to nurturing every aspect of the coffee trade, from cultivation to consumption, in the most ecological and ethical manner possible. We take pride in our dedication to preserving and protecting our planet and its resources, ensuring a sustainable future for coffee enthusiasts and the environment alike.

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Coffee Dream Team

When you choose Cereal Lovers Barista Academy, you choose to become a part of our specialty coffee universe. You join us in celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every single cup of coffee we brew and serve.

Our expert baristas meticulously handcraft each beverage, ensuring that every sip transports you to a realm of pure coffee bliss.  Learn from the best.

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur seeking to learn how to craft an exquisite pour-over or an espresso aficionado craving a perfectly balanced shot in your repertoire, we will teach you.  We cater to the most discerning palates. Our luxurious cups of specialty coffee are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, bringing out the complex flavours, aromas, and nuances that make each bean truly exceptional.

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Why Ethical Coffee?

Responsibly Roasted, Passionately Perfected

Our BRAHONI beans are medium-roasted in Luxembourg, ensuring the integrity of every bean and the purity of every flavor. It's more than just coffee; it's a responsible choice for the environment and a pledge to sustainable luxury.

Join the BRAHONI Movement

Step into our world at the Barista Academy, where the art of coffee is revered and taught. Or simply bring BRAHONI into your home, where each cup is an escape from the ordinary. Indulge in a coffee that's not just crafted, but curated for the true enthusiast.

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